How A Compression Refrigeration Cycle Works

How A Compression Refrigeration Cycle Works

This post will help you understand How A Compression Refrigeration Cycle Works.


Compression Refrigeration Cycle Video #1

Video Source: QPAGE


Describes and illustrates:

  • Components of the compression refrigeration cycle
  • Compression cycle fundamentals
  • Low side and high side of the system
  • Basic application of the cycle
  • Note: The music in the video is a little ridiculous, I recommend mute and reading the subtitles.

Compression Refrigeration Cycle Video #2

 Video Source: Public Resource.Org


Describes and Illustrates:

  • Refrigeration basics
  • Refrigeration components
  • Change of state
  • Temperature and pressure relationship
  • Compressor cycle

Compression Refrigeration Cycle Video #3

Video Source: Public Resource.Org

Video Highlights

Describes & Illustrates:

  • Compression & absorption system operation
  • Sensible Heat
  • Latent Heat
  • Convection, radiation, and conduction
  • Refrigeration components


Note: These are the videos I recommend completing to obtain a better understanding of how an compression refrigeration system works.

Please share any videos in the comments below that helped you obtain a better understanding of compression refrigeration systems! 

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