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Our courses will structure your studies using proven material and systems, while offering unlimited feedback loops and  tutoring support.

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About Us

In 2016, Power Engineering 101 was founded by offering exam preparation for close friends and colleagues. Since then, we have grown into a nation wide resource, bound by the Power Engineering community.

Our entire team is comprised of Power Engineers, from our content developers and tutors to our student support team.

We are dedicated to helping our fellow Power Engineers to meet their goals and achieve the life they desire.

Why Choose Us

Structured Systems

Add structure and progress tracking to your studies

Proven Material

Focus only on the essential content you need to pass

Feedback Loops

Expose your weaknesses to study efficiently

Unlimited Support

Lean on our team to get help when you need it

Guaranteed Success

We insure your investment in yourself

Our Courses

We offer courses for all Power Engineering exams from 5th Class to 1st Class and other complimentary certification tools.

Student Reviews

I got my result for 1A2 late yesterday afternoon and it was even better than I was hoping for, 89%!!!

Needless to say your course content helped focus my studies and prepare me to face exam questions with confidence. I appreciate all of the tutoring assistance along the way as well!
I wrote 2a2 last Thursday and passed! Thank you for all the content to study, the calcs especially are awesome. Will be in contact for 1A1. Second class is in the mail.
I got a 72% on my 3A2 which is amazing considering I studied for it on 10 night shifts and that was basically it. The course definitely helped.

For my 3B2 and 3B1 I did the whole panglobal work book and put in probably 60-80 hours studying to get that same mark. I would say I only put 20-30 hours max into passing that 3A2 test with your course. Thanks A Lot,
If there is some confusion and problem in something. I just sent mail to them. They helped me in everything immediately.

I passed my both class 4 exams on first the attempts. I am working two jobs. I studied with my both jobs. I am very thankful to Power engineering 101 team.
Thank you very much! And thank you for providing such a great service . I have used you to pass my 5th class and my 4A and 4B exams

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We’ve built a community to bring together all Power Engineers. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment to share knowledge and experience.

Our team is already engaging with new members and we will be sure to contribute our knowledge on the industry, exams, jobs and anything else related to Power Engineering 

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