The Mission:

Our mission is to empower every Power Engineer by helping them pass their SOPEEC exams to achieve the certification they desire.

Power Engineering 101 was founded in 2016 to help Power Engineers pass their SOPEEC exams. We have helped over 5,000 power engineers pass their 5th to 1st class exams in every province in Canada.

We provide practice exams, detailed step-by-step solutions to math questions, one on one tutoring, and the largest private collection of power engineering multiple choice questions to ensure you are confident and prepared for your exam.

The training was developed to align with SOPEEC’s curriculum and Power Engineering Training Systems, a joint venture of BCIT, NAIT, & SAIT by a knowledgeable team.

Our online tutorial service includes:

  • Study guides & practice exams to test your knowledge.
  • Customizable training packages to fit your busy schedule.
  • Seven day a week email support from a 1st Class Power Engineer.
  • Structure to your studies, providing you with an outline of which material is important to study & which is less important.

We continuously strive to provide the best online learning experience for Power Engineers. If you have any questions, please click “Learn More” below to contact us.

To your success,

PE101 Team

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