4th Class Power Engineering Jobs For Steam Time Diagram

4th Class Power Engineering Jobs For Steam Time

Here is a summary of various industries providing 4th Class Power Engineering Jobs. Some of these opportunities will provide you with the required firing time (steam time) to complete your 4th Class certification.

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What is the one thing you are struggling with right now in your Power Engineering career?

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The overwhelming response to this question has been a variation of the following: I’m currently trying, or at some point in my career, have struggled with obtaining steam time to complete my certification.

Here are just a few of the replies I’ve received from members who joined last week.

I am currently working on my 4th class on evenings and weekends, however I find it difficult to “volunteer time” to get firing time.”

Hardest part right now is finding steam time!”

Finding an affordable way to get my steam time is kind of worrying me!”

With all these responses, I realize there is a large number of Power Engineers who would like to get on site experience instead of waiting over a year for a spot in a Steam Lab.

I find this admirable as this is the route I took to complete each level of certification. I completed the schooling through distance learning at NAIT and SAIT to reduce my required firing time. While obtaining the required steam time with onsite experience.

I started my operating career in a camp setting at a small gas plant 180km down the Chin road. The plant had a small Heat Tech boiler around 1300kW using oil as the heat medium.

The oil provided process heat to processes such as bottoms heat for our facilities fractionation towers, suction scrubbers on our refrigeration compressors, and many other processes.

Most importantly though, the kilowatt rating on the Heat Tech boiler was great enough for me to obtain the required steam time for my 4th and 3rd class certification.

Given my personal experience here is a summary of all the different industries providing 4th Class Power Engineering Jobs that might enable you to complete your 4th Class steam time requirement.

Industries With 4th Class Power Engineering Jobs To Obtain Firing Time!

Universities Or Colleges – University Of Alberta or Fairview College

Hospitals – Alberta Health Services

Breweries – Labatt

Gas Plants – Canadian Natural Resources Ltd

Power Generation Facilities – TransAlta

Chemical Industrial Facility – Air Products

Oilsands or SAGD – Cenovus Energy 

Pulp & Paper – Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.

Steel Production Facilities – U.S. Steel

Food Processing Facilities – Maple Leaf Foods

Food Production Facilities – SunRype Products LTD

Arena Operator – Canlan Ice Sports

Fertilizer Generation Facilities – Agrium

Marine Engineering – Royal Canadian Navy

Boiler Repair Facility – Zwickers Boiler Services

Strand Board Facility – Tolko

Greenhouses –

Commercial/Industrial Laundry –

Building Operators –

Service/Drilling Rig Boiler Operators –

Some Ideas For Keywords To Enter When Searching For 4th Class Power Engineering Jobs!

  • Power Engineer
  • Power Engineering
  • Process Operator
  • Production Operator
  • Building Operator
  • Plant Operator
  • Field Operator
  • Stationary Engineer
  • Thermal Operator
  • Boiler Operator
  • Control Room Operator
  • Lead Operator
  • Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Production Technician
  • Process Technician

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