3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions

3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions

Power Engineering 3B1 Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions DemoThe 3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions were designed specifically to help you achieve success on your upcoming 3B1 Power Engineering exam. Email support from a 1st Class Power Engineer is provided to help answer any questions you have heading into your exam.

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“Hey man, I just wrote my ABSA 3B1 test last week and passed without any issues. Although the ABSA questions were quite a bit different, the questions you have definitely helped me prepare. Thanks again!!”

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Purchasing the practice exam you’ll receive instant access to unlimited exam attempts for 6 months. Each exam features a randomly generated 150 questions from the exam bank. Each time the exam is completed or the page is refreshed a new 150 question exam is randomly generated.

The exam features a 3.5 hour time limit for completion, the same time limit you’ll have on exam day. You can rest assured if you continually finish the the practice exam within the 3.5 hour time limit, you’ll be able to do the same on exam day.

Once submitting your practice exam you’ll be provided your exam result, and a breakdown of your correct and incorrect answers (correct answers provided) to help guide you in your studies heading into your upcoming exam.

At the bottom of the page are there are links provided to additional 3B1 multiple choice exam practice question resources.

3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions

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Free 3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions:

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Power Engineering 3B1 Multiple Choice Exam Resources

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20 thoughts on “3B1 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions”

  1. Very helpful for practice preparing for ABSA examinations. Questions are built to job your memory and challenge you on the very topics you will be questioned on. Definitely worth the investment to challenge yourself; prior to your exam.

  2. Thanks man for instilling confidence in me with these excellent questions. With your help, I passed both 3B1 and 3B2 with no issues. Definitely worth it!

  3. when i looked in the ABSA text book, Gas recirculation is said to be used when the superheater is designed to achieve the desired steam temperature at FULL LOAD. But this question is saying its used at PARTIAL LOAD. just wondering if im missing something or not understanding the question correctly.

    question: To Maintain the required steam temperature at ___ ___, the gas recirculation method could be used.
    Answer provided: Full Loads
    Correct Answer: Partial Loads

    Let me know when you get a chance.

      1. Robbie, this is going to sound confusing considering my first comment, but i actually believe PARTIAL LOAD is the right answer.

        i was talking to a power engineer friend and he said Gas Recirculation will be used to maintain the desired steam temperature when the load is changed. (the load is partial, but we want to keep the same temperature when it was full load) so we recirculate gas back to keep the temperature from varying with the load.

        sorry for the confusion, thought i would let you know i believe you had the right answer to begin with and i had just missed the general concept.


        1. “If superheater is designed to achieve desired steam temperature at full load, A method must be used to increase the available heat to the superheater or reheater when boiler load is low”

          Answer: Partial load would make sense.
          It is still left uncorrected as of date.

        1. Hi Ronak,

          There may have been some confusion. Unlike other practice exams which require you to purchase additional practice questions to strengthen areas you’re weak in for $40 we provide unlimited access to our complete bank of questions for the next 6 months.

          If this is not what you expected please send an email to robbie@powerengineering101.com and I’d be happy to work out a solution.

  4. Hi waqas i am wish to appear in 3rd class power please guide me how can i get the study meterials and exam test how and where i can get

  5. Hi
    I like to write 3B1 exam, I have book for that, should I use any other material for study.

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