3A2 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions Featured

3A2 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions

The 3A2 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions were designed specifically to help you achieve success on your upcoming 3A2 Class Power Engineering Exam.

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Each practice test features a randomly generated 150 questions from PE101’s 3A2 Power Engineering Exam Test Bank.

Each time the practice test is completed or the page is refreshed a new 150 question set of 3A2 Power Engineering Exam Questions are randomly generated.

The exam features a 3.5-hour time limit for completion, the same time limit you’ll have on exam day. You can rest assured if you continually finish the practice exam within the 3.5-hour time limit. You’ll be able to complete the ABSA or TSSA 3rd class power engineer government exam questions within the allowed time frame.

Once submitting your PE101 3rd Class Power Engineer Challenge Exam you’ll be provided with your exam result and a breakdown of your 3rd Class Power Engineering Exam Questions. The correct and incorrect answers will be provided to help guide you in your studies heading into your upcoming exam.

At the bottom of the page are there are links provided to additional power engineering 3rd class sample question resources.

3A2 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions

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Each 150 question exams is randomly generated from PE101’s 3A2 Power Engineering Exam Test Bank. 

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9 thoughts on “3A2 Power Engineering Multiple Choice Exam Practice Questions”

  1. Would be very handy if these tests showed the overall mark once submitted and an easier layout for the key to go through would be better

    1. 3A2 is the last exam we’re in the process of updating and switching to our new platform. Where the test results are easily provided. Correct/incorrect answers displayed in an easier layout along with your score in each category.

  2. Satwinder Singh

    Please provide solution of every question in test which will further help to understand the concept. Answer can be shown later after submit the test and review questions again.

  3. CSA B51 governs ____.
    Answer Provided: Boiler and pressure vessel piping
    Correct Answer: Mechanical refrigeration

    The above answer is wrong – Mechanical refrigeration.

  4. I live in BC. On the 3A2 exam, I did not found any questions from electrical motors and from the Instrumentation part. There should be questions from the following chapters.
    1. Control loops and strategies.
    2. Instrument and control devices.
    3. Distributed and logic control.

    Please add questions from these above-mentioned chapters.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the update. We’ve recently upgraded our server for faster website speed and better practice exam performance. That exam is on our legacy software and the last to be transferred to our new software. Some of the questions did not get transferred over during the transfer. We’ll be uploading them over the next week.

      If you feel this negatively affected you passing your exam please send me an email at robbie@powerengineering101.com and I’ll be happy to work out a solution.

      All the best,


  5. Hello! I have booked my 3A2 exam & it’s on January 13th, 2020. I was just going to ask, is there an option that you provide other than $42.00 per 6 months, where we can purchase it say for 1 week for a price around $15.00? Is it possible please?

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