4 thoughts on “Question #24 How To: Determine The Minimum Required Thickness Of Circular Flat Heads And Covers”

  1. Robbie, for the C value in this question how come you multiply 0.33 by (tr/ts), and where do I find this info in ASME?
    Also, will the questions always let me know which Figure they are referring to in Figure PG-31 or is that something I need to learn how to do?

    1. In the 2007 ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel code on bottom of PG #18 you’ll see NOTES: (1) For illustrations (e), (f), and (g-1) circular covers, C = 0.33m, C min. = 0.20; noncircular covers, C = 0.33.

      Because of Figure PG-31 referring to (g-1) we multiply 0.33 by m which is (tr/ts). The description of “m”, “tr”, and “ts” are explained on the left hand side of page 15. From my experience the figure they are referring to in Figure PG-31 will always be provided in the question. Let me know if I explained this well enough, as this is one of the more difficult aspects of completing these questions.

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