2 thoughts on “Question #1 How To Determine The Minimum Required Thickness Of Tubing”

  1. for min required t of seamless tube we should add 12.5% of t ( Manufacturing tolerance) the thickness that calculated by PG-27.2.2 so:
    Req. min t= min t+ 12.5%t. and that apply for question 1

    1. Power Engineering 101

      Hello Alis,

      Which code paragraph are you referencing? The above calculation would be completed with PG-27.2.1 page 8 Tubing – Up to and including 5in. (125mm) outside diameter.

      I do see for code requirements PG-27.2.2 Note 7: on page 12 mention If a pipe is ordered by its nominal wall thickness, as is customary in trade practice, the manufacturing tolerance on wall thickness must be taken into account. After the minimum pipe wall thickness t is determined by the formula, this minimum thickness shall be increased by an amount sufficient to provide the manufacturing tolerance allowed in the applicable pipe specification.

      I’m going ice fishing today but if you let me know the code paragraph and page number I will gladly check it out later on tonight.


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