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Welcome to Power Engineering 101,

I started my Power Engineering career with completing my 4th Class in January 2011 progressing through higher levels of certification until I completed my 1st Class January 2015.

While working on my certifications I found there was few places to turn to for knowledge or advice on questions I had other than my instructors and coworkers.

I decided to start this website to share the knowledge I have obtained along with other Power Engineers throughout our careers to help you achieve success throughout yours.

My goal for this site is for it to become a valuable resource throughout your career.

Here are the current top 5 most popular Power Engineering 101 posts:

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#2 Introducing A Power Engineering Jobs Board!

#3 Power Engineering Steam Labs

#4 How To: Determine The Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Of Piping

#5 Power Engineering Exam Prep Providers 





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