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Introducing A Forum For Power Engineers!

If you have been following Power Engineering 101 for awhile now you will notice there is a new link on the menu above labelled FORUM.

I am happy to introduce a forum specifically for Power Engineers.

Forum For Power Engineers

Check it out here: Power Engineering 101 Forum 

Forum Information

Following other Power Engineering groups I have pre-configured the forum with a variety of exciting topics that should spark discussion.

If you have ideas for additional exciting categories you would like see included in the forum you can post them in the thread Forum Ideas under Forum Information & FAQS.

Like other online forums, I have allowed read-only access open to anyone. You will only need to create a user account and sign in if you want to post messages on the forum.

Upon initially setting up the forum the amount of spam registrants signing up to post advertisements was ridiculous. Even with the security image set to “high” and email verification required. They were still making their way through the sign up process. I had to continually manually delete their posts, taking away time from being able to work on additional material.

In an effort to reduce the amount of spam registrants, new registrants are required to answer three easy yes or no questions regarding Power Engineering which are below:

Question #1 Yes or No 1st Class PE is the highest level of certification

Question #2 Y/N 3rd Class is a higher level of certification than 4th Class

Questions #3 Y/N You start at 1st Class and finish with your 4th Class

These three manual questions have successfully eliminated the spam registrants. I am now hopeful these three manual questions will even prevent other engineering groups like electrical engineers and the sorts from successfully joining the forum!

There will be zero tolerance on the forum for asking for exam questions. The posts will be deleted. There is enough of that on the Facebook groups. My intention is to create the forum and site into a valuable resource we use throughout our Power Engineers careers.


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