2A1 Power Engineering


2A1 Power Engineering Syllabus

1. ASME Code, Sections I & VIII, Calculations:

Design values to be computed for the following boiler and pressure vessel parts:

a. Cylindrical Components:

b. Openings and compensation:

  • determine if compensation for openings in shells are required
  • determine if compensation for openings in headers are required
  • determine if compensation for openings in heads are required

c. Stayed surfaces:

d. Pressure relief valves:

e. Firetube Boilers:

2. Industrial Administration

a. Legislation: a thorough knowledge of the jurisdictional Act and the Regulations under the Act.

b. Installations: factors and codes governing plant designs and layouts; contract specifications; working knowledge of the engineering and administration involved in plant erection; practical modifications of existing plant.

c. Management:

i. Functions and objectives of management.

ii. Personnel management: selection of staff; personnel training; motivating personnel; disciplining employees

iii. Planning; decision making; report writing.

iv. Plant maintenance; inspection; budgeting.

v. Safety programs.

3. Applied Mechanics

a. Velocity and acceleration:

b. Mass, motion and inertia:

  • force of gravity
  • weight
  • mass inertia
  • accelerating force
  • momentum

c. Work, power and energy:

  • work, graphical representation
  • indicated and brake horsepower
  • potential and kinetic energy
  • conservation of energy
  • flywheel

d. Torque and angular motion:

  • moment of inertia
  • radius of gyration
  • work done by torque

e. Motion in a circular path:

  • centripetal acceleration; centripetal and centrifugal force
  • balancing of rotating masses
  • governors

f. Friction:

  • coefficient of friction
  • frictional force
  • motion on horizontal and inclined planes
  • the screw thread
  • transmission of power by belt drives.

g. Moments:

  • moments of forces
  • couple
  • centroids and second moments of area

h. Stress and strain:

  • modulus of elasticity
  • restricted expansion

i. Shearing forces and bending moments:

  • sign conventions
  • conditions of equilibrium
  • simply supported beams and cantilevers
  • concentrated and distributed loading
  • mathematical and graphical solutions for shearing force and bending moment diagrams

j. Torsion:

  • fundamental torsion equation
  • relationship between torque, stress and horsepower
  • maximum and mean torque
  • coupling bolts

k. Pressure of liquids:

  • density
  • specific gravity
  • pressure at any depth
  • centre of pressure
  • displacement

l. Flow of liquids:

  • pressure head
  • Bernoulli’s law
  • Venturi meter
  • flow through orifices

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