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What Are the Penalties For Failing Power Engineer Examinations?

The Standardization of Power Engineer Examinations Committee (SOPEEC) was established in 1972 to promote a uniform examination system and improve the mobility of power engineers between provinces. It is a national committee representing all Canadian jurisdictions and the Federal department of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).

Exam aspirants should follow the proper procedure to attempt the examination. You should first go through the exam conditions of power engineering. Then, fill and forward the exam application for approval to the provincial power engineering examination committee. Once approved, you will have to forward the certification exam registration form and pay the examination fee. The applicants will then be notified of the examination date, time, and location. Departmental officials facilitate and monitor all exams. The tests are graded under the guidelines of the Provincial Power Engineering Examination Committee. When the students are notified of examination results, they are recorded on the Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division database and are kept on file for one year.

What Happens When You Fail the Exam?

The examination department sees repeated failures as an indication of a lack of knowledge and preparation. As a penalty, you must take a gap of a few months before attempting the exam. The intention is to encourage the student to continue studying and upgrade their knowledge of the subject to pass the examination.

Below are the reasons why and how a penalty would be applied to a candidate:

If a candidate fails any three consecutive exams within 12 months, there will be a six-month penalty from writing any exam;

If a candidate fails the same exam three times within 12 months, there will be a six-month penalty for writing any exam.

If you are penalized, you won’t be allowed to attempt examinations for the next six months. You will be notified via email with a letter stating the dates to which the penalty applies if you receive a penalty. Applicants that apply for an exam during this time frame will be issued a denial letter. All exams are non-refundable; if you are denied to write an exam, it will not be refunded to you. Penalties issued by other provinces are applicable as well. So transferring your licence or certificate to another province is of no benefit.

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