The Journey Of Power Engineering 101 Thus Far:

The Journey Of Power Engineering 101 Thus Far

The Journey Of Power Engineering 101 Thus Far OverviewIt was in early 2015, while helping some fellow Power Engineers prepare for their upcoming ABSA exams, the idea of creating an online website took seed. The goal being to help a greater number of Power Engineers prepare for their exams and achieve success throughout their future certifications.

I sat on the idea for a couple months, as having no experience creating a website at the time it, it felt like a pretty daunting idea to pursue. It wasn’t until one night at camp struggling a great deal to explain various 2A1 code calculations over the phone to a fellow Power Engineer, I decided the website would be a much easier way to explain the material and got to work creating the site.

Interestingly enough, it was not originally going to be called Power Engineering 101 as I had other ideas for the website name and bought the domain name The Power Engineers Lab was going to be the sites title, as I figured every Power Engineering facility has a lab and this could be the “online lab” for Power Engineers. It wasn’t until a lengthly conversation with a friend that I became convinced to purchase the domain name as it would be easier to remember than

It was unknown to me that when you start a website you get a neat statistics page that tells you how many people are visiting each day and how they got there.

It turns out these statistics are pretty addictive as I found myself checking every night how many people were visiting the site, where they came from and how many page views I got each day. I originally thought only the Power Engineers I was helping prepare for their exams would actively be using the site, but as we approach 100,000 page views already I thought I’d share some of the highlights thus far with you:

Journey Of Power Engineering 101

August 1, 2015 to April 1, 2016 

  • 86 929 views all-time
  • 565 views so far today
  • 4,107 views on the busiest day, January 30, 2016
  • 509 3B1 exam attempts in March

Here are the top search terms that led various web searchers to Power Engineering 101, and how many times they were used:

The Journey Of Power Engineering Thus Far Searches

Thanks to all of you spreading the word about Power Engineering 101 on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, the readership coming from search engines is increasing month after month, leading to some pretty entertaining results. What I find most puzzling is if you know Power Engineering 101 exists why are some searching in search engines?

Have a great weekend,

Power Engineering 101

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